Dr Ashleigh McGirr is a Health Outcomes Scientist within the Vaccines department at GSK Canada. Dr McGirr’s research interests are primarily focused on public health and economic evaluation of new vaccination programs.

Dr McGirr completed her PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health Sciences at the University of Toronto – with a focus on understanding vaccination strategies to contain the spread of pertussis in Canada. During her dissertation work, Dr McGirr used a series of different mathematical and statistical techniques to explore theories of pertussis persistence and presented her work to researchers, policy makers, and physicians to highlight the need for re-evaluation of pertussis immunization programs.

Dr McGirr has also worked with the Centre for Global Health Research in Toronto, Canada where she evaluated the cost-effectiveness of implementing an influenza vaccine program in India in partnership with the World Health Organization, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Indian Council of Medical Research.

Dr McGirr will be presenting her abstract on “Using Models to Predict the Public Health and Economic Impact of New Vaccines” at the Conference. To read the full abstract, click here.