Dr. Alex Kalache
International Longevity Centre Global Health Alliance (ILC-GA)AlexKalache-01

Dr. Alexandre Kalache is Co-President of the International Longevity Centre Global Alliance, a seventeen country consortium of think-tanks on ageing policy with consultative status to the United Nations, headquartered at Columbia University in New York. He has been an advocate for world-wide ageing policy issues for four decades as both an academic at the Universities of Oxford and London and as an international civil servant.

As Director of the World Health Organization global program on ageing, Dr. Kalache instigated the Age-friendly Cities movement with the launch of the WHO Global Age-friendly Cities Guide and its precursor, the WHO Active Ageing Policy Framework. He has been involved in the implementation of specific Age-friendly intiatives in a range of urban locations, including mega-cities like New York, medium-sized cities such as San Sebastian, and small cities like Unley.

Dr. Kalache routinely advises governments on ageing policy at the national, state and municipal levels, as well as private foundations and businesses worldwide. He serves on a variety of Boards for such bodies as the World Economic Forum, Oxford University, the WHO, and the Gulbenkian Foundation. He also represents HelpAge International as a Global Ambassador. He is a national of Brazil and, in 2012, he founded the International Longevity Centre-Brazil in his birth city of Rio de Janeiro. He serves as its inaugural President.