McMaster University is building on its infrastructure and expertise in aging research with the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA) and the Labarge Centre for Mobility in Aging.

MIRA was created in 2016 to stimulate and facilitate interdisciplinary research in aging, as well as to develop innovative educational programs for students within the academic and clinical realms. The Institute’s approach is to conduct research in cross-Faculty teams and to engage the older adult community, their families, healthcare providers and other key stakeholders through every stage of the research process, from design to evaluation and implementation of interventions and technologies.

The Labarge Centre, funded through a donation from Chancellor Suzanne Labarge, places emphasis on mobility, which is a cornerstone of healthy aging. By better understanding the range of health and social challenges associated with mobility in aging, we have the potential to optimize the well-being of Canadians, and reduce related health and social costs.

To learn more about MIRA, the Labarge Centre for Mobility in Aging, and its partner initiatives, the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal, the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging and more, please visit

Introducing the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging